What We Frame

With over 25 years’ experience in custom framing, we have framed it all! From oil paintings to sports memorabilia, we offer unique design solutions for all your projects, whether it is a photograph, print, mirror, diploma, sports jersey, piece of clothing, an important object or any other idea you might have. We will help you choose a perfect combination of matting, framing and conservation glass to show and protect your artwork or object. Special care is taken to properly mount and display your items for future generations to prize and enjoy. Download our app for virtual custom framing!

Framing Examples

We can create custom framed mirrors of all shapes and size so it is a perfect match for your space. Why settle for the ready-made sizes and frames at a discount store, when you can choose from our amazing selection of modern, classic, ornate or rustic frames and have the mirror made specifically for your needs. Stop by our NYC store and have a free price quote today!

Here at the Big Apple Art Gallery we feel that you should always “Plaque the moment”! Whether it is a certificate, or a news article, an advertisement or your first baseball tickets, we can custom plaque just about anything in over 15 different styles!

Need to organize your workspace but don’t want to ruin the look of your office? We can create custom bulletin boards in different colors and sizes, and custom frame them for you so you don’t have to forgo style to keep organized.

We offer canvas stretching on custom made stretch boards that are cut to the exact size of your artwork. We can stretch both blank and painted or printed canvas in 3 main types of stretching: standard stretching, gallery stretching (gallery wrap), and museum stretching (museum wrap). So whether you know which type of stretching you like, or would like some advice from us, visit us in our NYC store and we can stretch your canvas quickly and professionally.

Picture Framing, Mirror Frames, Thick Frames, Tan Frames, Elaborate Frame, Fancy Frame
3D Object Framing, Big Frame, Centerpiece Framing, Object Framing
Black Frame, Oversize Framing
Tan Frame, Multi Leveled Framing, Mat board

More Framing Examples

Mirror Frame, White Frame, Double Frame, Silver Frame
Facemount on Acrylic, Frameless Framing, No Frame, Glass Mounting, Special Printing
Sports Framing, Multi Holed Mats, Silver Frame
Clothing Frames, Object Framing, Deep Frame, Shadow Box
Sports Jerset Framing, Green Mat, Blick Frame, Thing Frame, Oversized Item Framing, Clothing Framing